Lucknow Metro has consistently earned the reputation of being the safest and most reliable means of public transport in the city and is dedicated towards ensuring a safe environment both inside the trains and metro premises.

Mr Chouhan has said that the BJP will not try to stake claim to form the government in the state as they have failed to secure majority.

Kapil Sibal showing his dismay on this tweeted, "Shaktikantadas our new RBI Governor A bureaucrat not an economist Defended Demonetisation The Pied Piper will play the tune and the RBI will follow."

The Cricketer and a survivor who fought the deadly tumor took to his twitter handle on his birthday to take a pledge to support 25 children suffering from Cancer.

From flipping his goggles to play with a coin and popping a cigarette in his mouth, he always sets our screens on fire with his unique style.

Agni-V is a three stage missile, 17 metres tall, two metres wide and capable of carrying 1.5 tonne of nuclear warheads.

Popularly known as Rajaji, Rajagopalachari was described by Gandhi as the "keeper of my conscience".

In the video Katrina is shown as superstar Babita Kumari, posing in a zebra print short blouse and metallic-hued hot-shorts with messy-curly hairs.