IIT Kanpur students found guilty of ragging, 22 suspended

IIT Kanpur students found guilty of ragging, 22 suspended

Kanpur: In the history of the premier institution, Indian institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has suspended 22 students who were found guilty of ragging their juniors.

Sixteen students have been suspended for three years while six others have been suspended for one year.

The senate took the decision in the presence of director Professor Indranil Manna and deputy director Professor Manindra Agarwal.

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The punishment came after after it heard the third-year students guilty of making their juniors strip and do objectionable acts to each other. The ragging was recorded on cell phones and circulated on social media groups.

“We are not satisfied with the explanations of the guilty students. The Senate has decided to rusticate 16 students for three years and another six for one year on charges of ragging and physical assault on juniors,” said Manindra Agarwal, the IIT Kanpur Deputy Director.