Ten Bollywood celebrities who have criminal record

Bollywood Celebrities With Criminal Record

10 Bollywood celebs including Shah Rukh Khan who have criminal record

Mumbai: We all have grown up watching Bollywood actors romancing on big screen, signing songs, dancing, fighting villains but the reel life is very different from the real life. In real life, these very popular actors have to pay for their mistakes, unlike the movies. Here are some bollywood celebrities with criminal record.

Bollywood stars have many a times been caught breaking the law and going to jail. Here is list of five most famous Bollywood stars who have been in-and-out of jail.

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10 Bollywood Celebrities With Criminal Record

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood Celebrities With Criminal Record

The actor went behind bars for threatening a Journalist, when he was shooting for ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’. It was about an article linking him to an actress. In an interview he talked about that incident with a laugh, “I went to the house of that journalist and threatened him,” the witty Khan also added, “next day this act of mine landed me in jail. I was allowed to make only one phone call from the police station. Instead of making a call to my wife or my lawyer, I called the same journalist and threatened him again.”

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