These pre-fame photos of B’wood celebs prove success isn’t easy to get

Mumbai: You might have though at least once in your life that how lucky our Bollywood celebrities are as not only they earn a lot but garner the love of millions of people from around the world.

So if it is true and you feel jealous looking at their lavish lifestyle, you must know how hard they work to earn that popularity. Before appearing on the big screen, they worked tirelessly in TV ads and other such stuffs to finally get a big break and prove their talent.

It is never easy to achieve the success our celebs have earned.

Usually we start noticing the actors and actresses after they get the major breakthroughs of their careers. But, we never get to know about the sweat and hard work they have applied to get to that position.

Here are some pre-fame photographs of the biggest Bollywood stars of today: