Royal family to have first ever same sex wedding! Read

Royal family to have first ever same sex wedding! Read

London: We have barely recovered from the excitement of the latest royal wedding and now it turns out that the Queen’s family is already preparing for more upcoming nuptials –and this one will be the first same-sex marriage in the history of the British monarchy!

Historic royal wedding is set to take place this summer when Lord Ivar Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, who made history when he announced he was gay in 2016 and became the first member of the royal family to do so, will tie know with his love.

Following his announcement, Lord Mountbatten revealed he was in a relationship with James Coyle, who he will marry during this summer 2018.

Lord Mountbatten was in a heterosexual marriage for 16 year until he came out in 2016. Lord’s ex-wife Penny, with whom he has three daughters, stated that she will be the one walking her ex-husband down the aisle.

All royal relatives know of the plans and are ‘really excited for us’ said. Sadly they can’t come to the wedding, as their diaries are already maintained. He also added that they adore James, everyone adores him.