Hanikarak Bapu and Tiger Parenting: Article by Amil Bhatnagar


There are two crucial aspects to keep in mind. Firstly, in such cases it’s the parent who takes the final call of what career path the child will take. It is their evaluation of a child’s utility and not the child’s own. It is literally programming the child into believing one aspect of his life and he goes on to work on it. The child’s choices are manufactured by his own parents at the cost of his imagination. Funnily, this exact sentiment was highlighted in Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par where he batted for a child’s freedom of choice (Disclaimer: It’s a pointer. Aamir Khan is free to do whichever movie he chooses, he owes us no explanation)


Secondly, this form of parenting gives a pedestal to the parents and not the child. It’s Aamir Khan’s perseverant efforts and guidance that led to the girls’ phenomenal victory. The girls needed the hard push and their father was the God like towering figure who made it possible. Thus, it is hard to differentiate whether the mentioned achievement was for the children or the parents and in certain cases the parents might go to even greater extremes. The idea of ego and pride driving a dream is dangerous. And with lesser regulations and lack of a social framework to maintain a check and balance, certain parental activities might border on abuse.


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