Hanikarak Bapu and Tiger Parenting: Article by Amil Bhatnagar


Let’s be real. Children in India do not talk to their parents. The barriers are psychological and even socio-economic since a lot of children think rebellion is an expensive affair. Being able to pursue a career or a passion of your choice with the support and appreciation of your parents is a privilege very few people are entitled to. More than 70 students have committed suicide in Kota in the last five years following stress and pressure. Many of them left behind notes apologising to their parents for their existence having failed to ‘fulfill’ their dreams.  Millennials of India are getting prone to depression, anxiety and mood swings. Our society glorifies family structures and obeying our parents. Mythology and social narratives since years have talked about how fulfilling wishes of parents is the highest form of honour. But when that honour becomes a burden, it’s to time re-think the jargon.

The writer is a journalist…

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