SHOCKING! Rihanna is a mastermind thief . . .

SHOCKING! Rihanna is a mastermind thief . . .
SHOCKING! Rihanna is a mastermind thief . . .

Las Vegas: Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health but stealing glasses from clubs and bar for consuming beverage is even more injurious. No one knows it better than the Hollywood singer Rihanna!

The ‘Wild Thoughts’ singer’s criminal activity was called into question as she recently faced rounds of embarrassments when she was caught on camera stealing the bar and club belongings.

Rihanna and the rest of the Ocean’s 8 cast was stopped by The Graham Norton Show to discuss the film but they were stopped suggesting that any of you are actual criminals.

Norton then posted a series of images of the “Umbrella” singer leaving parties and clutching glasses and goblets as the star giggled nervously, saying at least one of the items was returned to “the hotel I took it from”.

“My mom is gonna see this,” the horrified singer, who plays a computer hacker in the new all-female heist movie, said in the show.