INTERVIEW: Content is the king of Bollywood Box Office: Farah Khan

INTERVIEW: Content is the king of Bollywood Box Office: Farah Khan
INTERVIEW: Content is the king of Bollywood Box Office: Farah Khan
Samarth Srivastava

Lucknow: Farah Khan, a Bollywood celeb known for her outgoing nature, has a serious say on Industry and the kind of work which scores money at Box Office.

The noted film director and choreographer on Wednesday said that nobody is bigger than content in the industry and it is the only thing which rules Bollywood Box Office.

Farah, who is making a comeback on the small screen as the judge, was here for the promotions of her upcoming TV show ‘Lip Sing Battle’ which is made on the lines of popular US TV show Lip Sync Battle.

Farah Khan, known for speaking her mind and joke around most of the times, had a candid chat with, saying things about the her upcoming show and a range of issues.

Who is the king of Bollywood Box Office?

According to me, content rules. Presently, content is the only king of Bollywood.

In terms of stars?

Of course, the three Khans (Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan). Akshay Kumar is also doing phenomenal right now.

Can you name any senior actor with whom you are going to collaborate soon?

It will depend on the role and need of the story.

Are you eyeing any newcomer for your upcoming projects?

I think the young generation is very talented. Some of them who have not made it big also showcase great talent.

What lies ahead for you?

‘Lip Sing Battle’ is my upcoming project on Television. I will revert to Bollywood stuff after finishing the TV assignment somewhere around October.

Since the very start of your career, you mainly focussed on masala movies. Do you have any plans to give a try to any other genre?

As we go, the audience changes and you also have to change the style of film making otherwise you will become a ‘dinosaur’. The next movie which I’ll make will be entertaining but I can’t do the same thing that I’ve done before. I just don’t want to repeat myself.

Put some light on your upcoming TV show ‘Lip Sing Battle’?

I’m hosting a show called ‘Lip Sing Battle’ where celebrities will contest each other by singing Bollywood songs correctly. So it’s almost a reality show on Karaoke.

Name some celebrities who will turn up on your show?

There are many big names including Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar, Raveena Tandon, Vishal Dadlani, Govinda, Ayushmann Khurrana and others. Shah Rukh Khan is also coming in the finale episode of the show to ooze his charm.

Apart from SRK, are you also inviting stars like Salman and Akshay?

Yes, Akshay might be coming but I don’t know about Salman as he is under Bigg Boss contract. Shah Rukh Khan is definitely coming and Akki is anyway doing another show for Star Plus. So, we may have him in the show after talking to him.

What makes you go for the television when you are well established in Bollywood? Is it for money or something else?

I won’t lie, it is very good money. But, I don’t do any show just for the money; the idea should also be exciting. I should go there, enjoy the day and have some fun. The show must be different from others at the end of the day.

In this format, has anytime political leaders would also be brought in?

No, never.

It may be mentioned here that the show ‘Lip Sing Battle’ will be aired on Star Plus from September 16.