Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean is dead! Is it true?

Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean died in a car accident! Is it true?
Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean died in a car accident! Is it true?

Los Angeles: One of the most celebrated comedians across the globe, Rowan Atkinson also known as Mr Bean, is dead! He lost his life in a car accident on March 18, 2017!!!

Well, this is a terrible rumour spread by some internet freak who misused the name and fame of US broadcaster Fox News to create panic among Mr Bean’s gigantic fan following across the world.

As the hearsay was spread using the name of a huge broadcasting company, it instantly started to trend over social platforms, especially on Twitter. The whimsical did this to befool the users by inspiring them to click on a malicious link.

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The rumour was spread in the flowing manner – “FOX BREAKING NEWS: Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58 after car accident. – March 18, 2017.”

It may be mentioned that the hoaxer had wrongly written the age of Rowan Atkinson who was born on January 6, 1955, which means he currently ages 62, and not 58.

Overlooking the age mistake, people started to mourn the death of the classic artist, which never actually happened. Twitter soon got flooded with tweets like ‘RIP Mr Bean’.

The false death hoax was soon rubbished by Website Hoax Alert, as it said, “Celebrity death hoaxes are nothing new on the internet yet this one is special in that it managed to be liked/shared over 300,000 times in a short period of time by employing some devious technical tricks.”

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“The first one is the video player embedded in the site. At first sight this is just a normal YouTube video from a Fox News broadcast (which is about a death but not about Rowan Atkinson),” it added.

This is not the first time when Rowan Atkinson has found himself in this situation as earlier in 2016, his death hoax was circulated saying that the British actor committed suicide after battling with severe depression.

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