Ishqbaaz December 29 episode: Tia is faking blindness | Gauri had to say Sorry!


Mumbai: One of the most loved telly show ‘Ishqbaaz’ is at its suspense peak now.

On one hand the Oberoi mansion people are busy playing games against each other, while there is someone who is trying to create problems in the lives of Shivay and Anika.

Gauri somehow got to know that Tia is not blind and makes plan with Omkara to expose her. She tries to make an attack on Tia to see her reaction but the fails.

Today you will see that:

Tia creates drama and avoids saving herself. She gets hurt and Tej asks Gauri to apologise to Tia. Omkara takes her away. The second plan made by Omkara and Gauri also fails as Gauria sks Tia to get second opinion from an eye specialist but Tia fakes her condition again by putting some temporary blindness causing eye drops.

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The doctor confirms Tia as blind and Gauri, Omkara get shocked.

On the other hand Anika and Shivay plan to find out who is trying to harm them. Shivay installs CCTV in the house.

Is there really someone who is trying to make Anika mad? If so, who could be?

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