Kundali Bhagya: Karan to expose pregnant Sherlyn and Prithvi via DNA test!

Mumbai: Television popular series Kundali Bhagya will soon show some high voltage action and drama with interesting twist in the upcoming episode.

Sherlyn’s pregnancy news has created much ‘hungama’ in Luthra celebration party. On a contrary note, Prithvi and Sherlyn are trying their best to hide their affairs and Rishabh is doubted of being the father of Sherlyn’s child.

There will, however, be a shocking twist as Rishabh will refuse having any physical relation with Sherlyn. Instead he will start questioning about the father of the baby.

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Karan will plot a master plan to get Prithvi’s DNA test done which will make Preeta upset.

As Prithvi and Sherlyn’s chemistry turns out to be the hot topic amid all the ladies, ‘Beje’  will suggest Preeta is the perfect match for Rishabh.

It will be highly interesting to see how Sherlyn and Preeta will handle these situations and how will Karan react to it.