Stars Speak: BJP to top UP elections, predict astrologers

Uttar Pradesh Assembly election results 2017 LIVE coverage on
Uttar Pradesh Assembly election results 2017 LIVE coverage on


Report by Yogesh Mishra

Lucknow: The EVM machines will be opened on March 11 but the astrologers have already come out with their predictions about Uttar Pradesh Assembly poll results. Majority of them have predicted Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to be the single largest party, but no one has spoken about President’s rule in the state.

Interestingly, most of them said that the stars were poised to spell doom for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who according to them will remain in oblivion for a longer time.

Just two of the astrologers believe that Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati was going to be the chief minister of the state for the fifth time.

“BJP’s Jupiter and Moon planets are in the right places which will benefit the party in the elections. They are alone winning 182 seats apart from the total of their allies. The Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance will benefit from the rightly positioned Mars and Mercury, which would help them in winning 147 seats out of the 403 constituencies,” said famous astrologer Shankar Charan Tripathi.

“BSP chief Mayawati would remain among the most talked about politicians in the UP polls, but her party would manage to win around 100 seats, following the coordination between Jupiter and Rahu ,” he added.

Varanasi’s famous Bangali Dada believes BJP is winning the elections with 180-217 seats, while BSP is likely to rank second with 130-140 seats, followed by SP with 111 seats. He claimed that Congress will fail to reach its 2012 score of 28 seats.

According to Kushinagar-based acclaimed astrologer Shiv Hari Mishra, “BJP will gain in terms of vote bank but will require help from other parties to form government. Akhilesh Yadav’s party will rank second while Mayawati will come third.”

Sushain Nigam, a Kanpur-based astrologer, claimed that BSP is going to form government in the state with 150-210 seats, while BJP will manage to win 120 seats. The SP-Congress alliance will score anything from 85 to 95.

Astrologer Ashwini Tripathi, who was recently conferred with the ‘Jyotishi Shiromani’, says BJP will emerge as the single largest party in the state, while BSP will come second. SP will be third in terms of electoral support, but will not be very far behind from BSP. He made the prediction on the basis of UP’s horoscope and Gochar.

Delhi’s astrologer Vijay Mishra is highly convinced that BJP is going to sweep the elections. He feels that BJP will score more than 202 out of a total of 403 seats. He also claimed that according to the recent position of stars of Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati, their parties do not seem to flourish in the ongoing polls. SP and BSP will have a close fight for the second place in the UP elections 2017.

Gorakhpur-based astrologer Devendra Bhatt says that the party which will have the support of the upper caste will form government in the state. “Saturn entered the Sagittarius zodiac on around January 27, which benefits the party that holds major vote bank in forward castes,” he claimed.

“The first two phases will not be as good as the rest, but it would be enough to form a majority government in the state,” he added.

Bhatt believes that BSP will gain in terms of votes but would remain away from majority with around 100 seats. SP, on the other hand, will win 120-125 seats, despite having no support from the stars.