William Shakespeare: Writer who wrote to rule the Past, Present and Future…

William Shakespeare: Writer who wrote to rule the Past, Present and Future...
William Shakespeare: Writer who wrote to rule the Past, Present and Future...
Arnima Dwivedi
Arnima Dwivedi

William Shakespeare was the master of Worlds.

Yes, you read it right. It is written worlds and not words. I haven’t misspelt it….

We all know him as the noble laureate, the great playwright, the poet of all centuries, the master of WORDS… The king of English literature, however, was not only the master of keeping reader’s interest in his work but also had this talent of taking his audience to some other WORLD…

The world he had seen years before. The world he had imagined the future would be of.

Ever wondered why do these plays written by the ‘Bard of Avon’ refuse to stay put in his world and time, and have so much to tell us about our world in our time.

The drama that the nobel laureate wrote, still thrills us because it allows us to see ‘HIS’/ world from the standpoint of a world that men and women are still struggling to create.

Shakespeare’s writings has this extraordinary quality– the power to view the past that shaped our present as if we were already living ahead of the centuries to come.

Relevancy of what I have written above:

The Shakespearan era lacked all the feminism the playwright has mentioned in his works. Whether it is Juliet who was in love with Romeo, or a mischievous Lady Macbeth who becomes the Scottish queen.

Feminism, giving rights to the women and power in the hands of a female were far apart from what he wanted it to be…

A woman becoming a ruler by playing dirty games in his century could only be imagined by this novelist. The politics that whole world experiences presently was sketched by him centuries ago. Power of a woman who can alone conquer the world was only imagined by the ‘Master of Worlds’… A girl of the Shakespearan era imagining that someday she would tell her father that she has found someone who will love her, protect her… that courage could have been shown by only the character sketched by this nobel writer.

When here is American President Donald Trump and his opposition indulged in vocal wars putting religious sentiments on top. When here is India grinding between the world famous Hindu-Muslim politics. These so-called literates, who boast about reading only the Shakespearan stuff would not have ever paid attention that the man saw it years before..He ‘was ahead of his time’ to feel the sensitivity that the Islamic world and his inhabitants will have on today’s world. Shakespeare’s works included several Muslim characters, including Aaron the Moor in Titus Andronicus, the Prince of Morocco in The Merchant of Venice and Othello in the eponymous play. Shakespeare has also made one explicit reference to Muhammad, in Henry VI. The writer-poet had clearly sensed the sensitivity of this particular religion in the future politics.

What we speak today, he wrote it centuries ago… What we do today, he described years ago… What the world will be centuries after, he had sketched it centuries before….

The past belonged to him, the present is his admirer and future clearly seems to be following what that ‘Master of Words and clearly the Worlds’ wrote….