Four arrested over attack on BJP leader Brijpal Tevatia


Lucknow: A suspect, who is involved in the attack on Bharatiya Janata Party leader Brijpal Tevatia, has been arrested by the Ghaziabad police on Tuesday.

Suspect Ram Singh has confessed to his crime and named other assailants as well, police sources said

Meanwhile, police has taken him into custody to re-suspect in late Tuesday night.

Police has also arrested other suspects named Rahul Tyagi, Jitendra and Nishad and is inquiring them regarding the case.

According to police, a 20 year old enmity is said to be the reason behind the attack.

Ram Singh said-

  • BJP leader was attacked to take the revenge of the death of police constable Suresh Diwan in Delhi.
  • Suresh’s son Manish is the master mind behind the attack and he himself fired at Brijpal Tevatia with his AK-47.
  • He also helped in providing money, assailants and weapons.

According to the reports, Rs. 1 crore was paid as supari for the crime.

Ghaziabad police is expected to disclose the case on Wednesday.

Earlier, on August 11, BJP’s Brijpal Tevatia was fired about hundred rounds by unidentified assailants in Ghaziabad.

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