Pregnant woman bites off husband’s tongue; finds him unattractive

Pregnant woman bites off husband's tongue; finds him unattractive
Pregnant woman bites off husband's tongue; finds him unattractive

New Delhi: One of its kind incident happened in the Country’s capital Delhi where a 22-year-old man lost almost half of his tongue after his pregnant wife knowingly bit it off while kissing him, the police said on Sunday.

The police were informed by the victim’s father about the incident. The incident was reported from outer Delhi’s Ranhola on Saturday night.

The main cause of the incident according to locals was that the woman felt her husband was not good-looking and wasn’t happy.

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They also had compatibility issues and had regular fights, the police said, adding that the husband is a street artiste.

It is reported that recently the couple had an altercation but later patched up and the next time she kissed him she bit almost half of his tongue off.

The man underwent a surgical procedure at Safdarjung Hospital but doctors said it is difficult to say whether he will be able to speak again, according to the police.

The woman is eight months pregnant and has been detained, the Police informed.

The couple got married on November 20, 2016.