From ‘Qubool Hai’ to ‘Talaq, Talaq, Talaq’… A painful journey pinpointed years ago


The film was set in Hyderabad where Nilofar (Salma Agha) gets married to Wasim (Deepak Parashar). After marriage it turns out that Wasim is a workaholic and also have the tendency of picking up fights in petty issues. Nilofer, who was expecting a happy married life is disappointed and feels neglected and lonely. On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary Wasim and Nilofar arrange a party for which Wasim fails to turn up.

Nilofar can’t face the questions of the guests and retires to her bedroom. The guests are insulted by the absence of the hosts and leave the party. This leads to a heated argument between the couple and in a moment of rage Wasim divorces Nilofar by saying Talaq three times, without fulfilling other conditions required by sharia laws to perform this (which was a usual practice in Indian Muslim society in those times).

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