These women home guards have their #MeToo incidents | Have you heard?

These women home guards have their #MeToo incidents | Have you heard?

These women home guards have their #MeToo incidents | Have you heard?

Surat: In a home place of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these 25 women home guards have gone through traumatizing incidents which they have shared under #MeToo movement.

In a written complaint to police commissioner, these home guards have shared the physical, emotional and financial harassment they have gone through. They have been torchered by a station officer and a woman officer in the Home Guards Department.

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The complaints alleged that women employees of the department have been harassed by their seniors for the past five years.

According to one complainant, “Some of the home guards have been pressured to give sexual favours to superiors who show their might. Many of us have also been pressured to work as domestic [workers] at SO Somnath Gaharwal’s house. I am one of them.”

One of the home guards, mangla Narain Pandey, said, “Our senior Bhavnaben openly abuses subordinates and says that they should discuss all their problems with SO Somnath Gaharwal and if they manage to keep the SO happy, their job will be secured.”

The home guards also said that their reporting in-charge demanded money from them and if they feel to give, he would threaten to lose their jobs.

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Another Home guard, Anjana naik said, “I was threatened to work as a domestic [worker], or else I would lose my job. I was also asked by Bhavna to spend my free time with SO Somnath.”

This is what Anjana Naik stated:

  • Sometimes, when SO Somnath got any complaint regarding the female home guards, they were called at the parade ground.
  • During the turn-out check up, he tried to touch their body parts on the pretext of touching our belts, caps and uniform. This has happened with several of us.
  • Many of us feel threatened as Somnath has directly told us to keep him ‘happy’, or else we will not be given duties and our point of work will be far away from our residences.
  • He has made our lives miserable. This has been happening for long enough.

The chief of home guards, Praful Pansuriya, in Surat, said, I had not received any complaints yet and as soon as I will receive, I will certainly take action.”

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Police Commissioner, Satish Sharma, in Surat even refused to meet the women. The women home guards then met the DCP Headquarters Vidhi Chaudhary and handed their complaint to her.