IT: Chapter 2 Casts Andy Bean as Adult Stanley And James Ransone as Adult Eddie


“The main motion picture worked so well at what it is endeavoring to do, I think, and at last that is the children’s story, and you take after these children and you kind of experience passionate feelings for these children,” he said. “Also, the second one will be the grown-up story. What’s more, I think the correct method to do it is to make that motion picture effectively unique. … I think there may be worth investigating kind of the mental parts of awfulness, yet in addition possibly the kind of cosmological presence of this being. What is he, and where does he originate from?”

Skarsgard has inquired about Pennywise’s insane backstory – “I’m going to get past those 1200 pages, I figure, no less than once again before going into the section two of that film,” he said – and he supposes it’s a key component that the film ought to incorporate.


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