PM Narendra Modi says much without revealing anything

Sanjay Bhatnagar

     Lucknow: The ideal speech is one that reveals more than what it conceals. Precisely, it was the one which was delivered by PM Narendra Modi at the historical Ramleela of Lucknow on Tuesday evening.

The intriguing Ram temple issue has always been associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party and it gains more importance when elections in Uttar Pradesh approach.

    The visit of Modi was no exception this time, reason being the timing. The state assembly polls are round the corner, occasion was Dussehra and the buzz was surgical strike by Indian army in Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK).
    PM Modi started his speech with the loud chant of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ followed by his one liner that  ”I am fortunate to be in the land of Ram and Krishna”. The fact was in the place, no political undertone or overtone, devoid of any rhetoric but still the mere mention made the large crowd euphoric.
  Dwelling at length on terrorism, he did not name Pakistan, avoided the term ‘surgical strike’, skipped the mention of opposition- befitting  the occasion. ..but  was it without a purpose ,really ? . He  indeed  gave a strong message without any verbose embellishment or magniloquence It must have gone deep into the psyche of the nation.
    The PM’s address was not really on expected lines as far as the choice of words was concerned but it managed to express what he wanted to convey and what the masses wanted to hear from the Prime Minister.
Coming from the political  head of the country, the severity of terror was well explained, Syria’s woes taken as example rightfully. The world community was addressed well,rather aggressively that nobody should feel secured from terrorism.
In every sense, the PM visit was against the stereotype and a departure from the traditions. He became the first PM to give Delhi Ramleela a miss and also the first to attend historic Ramleela at Aishbagh ground in the state capital-message was clear that the government at the Centre meant business and  that forget about the rest.
     The company of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, also the local Member of Parliament, was also adding meaning to it.
      It was PM for you – love him or loathe him. The political battles are eternal but what any Prime Minister says will have to be taken at the face value first. The dissection comes afterwards….


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