Lucknow: Celebrated on February 4 all over the world, World Cancer Day is a day that was created to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage people to prevent and detect it, as well as to continue to search for new treatments for it. However, its main goal is to seriously reduce the instances of …

Researchers found that on-call doctors who were required to work overnight on-site had lower DNA repair gene expression and more DNA breaks than those who did not work overnight.

The study, published in the journal International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, included data from over 3,872 participants in Sweden.

Studies suggest that analyzing genes may help discover how long a person will live or how sooner a person will die. In the study conducted, researchers analyzed the combined effect of genetic variations that influence lifespan to produce a scoring system.

Experts also suggest that those taking more than one sleeping pill a day, may end up in coma. Asthma patients and people suffering with backbone issues are more prone to this problem. These pills aggravate the chances of headache, high blood pressure and nervous disorders.

In one such Studies, it was found that people with hearing impairment are twice more likely to develop depression problem as compared to people with normal hearing.

The team also added that potential harms of non-sugar sweeteners also cannot be ruled out.

If you think napping is fine and it won't hurt or inflict any damage to your eyes, you are at serious mistake.