China is strong but India is not a weak nation: Indian Army chief


General Rawat said the Chinese presence in the northern part of Doklam continued but has thinned out and the level of activity has also gone down.

“The Chinese have stayed put in the area. We have come back to our own territory; we are in the watershed; and the Chinese have gone back that much distance but behind that they have maintained themselves.”

General Rawat said the thinning might be due to the winter season, or because China wanted to de-escalate.

Talking about the western border, he said the ceasefire violations along the Line of Control has increased as Army was targeting Pakistan posts that were aiding terrorists.

General Rawat also said that casualties of the Pakistan side were “three to four times more” than on the Indian side, stressing this was being done so that they can feel the pain and a message is conveyed.

He said the Indian government had told the Army to conduct operation “in the manner they deem fit”.

About a situation of a two-front war, he said: “We will be able to take care of the scenario. In last one year there has been lot of upgradation.”

He also denied any direct Chinese support to terrorists in Pakistan.

Speaking of Jammu and Kashmir, the Army chief stressed the need for an overhaul of the education system in the state.

With IANS inputs

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