A curse that actually is a boon…!!!

Prostitution in India: A curse that actually is a boon...!!!
Prostitution in India: A curse that actually is a boon...!!!


Arnima Dwivedi

‘The devil is not that black as he is painted…’

This proverbial reference is generally given when they have to prove that the person being blamed for all the bad things is not that much culprit…. but I would use it for those who are very bad… those who are a black spot on our society… those who were termed as the sex object the day their body parts begin to get noticed….

It is not being feminist or supporting the work they do. I too was one of those who thaught that these girls and women could find a better job to earn living but somehow something triggered in me the need to know more about them…

I am not that fortunate to visit any of them ( being a girl from a reputed family, who has to maintain the dignity) What I know about them is through some journals, articles and going through them I came across a statement (that I bet would have been said with pride), ‘We save hundreds of rapes everyday.’

Do I need to say more!!!

Yes, they are undressed each night by strangers, but at least are not one of the unfortunates who are raped on the name of caste, breed, religion, superstition, patriarchy and whatever name you could give to save yourself.

Queens of a better world…

Why aren’t they part of your society??? Because theirs us a world of peace. Because theirs is a world of humanity.

You would see them, fantasize them, even would go and reach out to them but would never accept that. They accept you, they would allow you to reach out to them no matter how violent you become (they know, not allowing you is risking some innocent’s life).

When you are a victim of a deadly disease called ‘religion’, they would not ask you yours before allowing you to touch them…

When these politicians cook their political platter on the fire of ‘reservation’, there is this section of society who fairly believes in ‘hard work’ (Read it as ‘Hard to Work’)…

When your daughters are asked to be at home because girls do not study much, these ladies have a great knowledge of the share market that makes and breaks you…

They breathe, they feel, they cry, they scream, they dress, they undress, they study, they eat, they feed… They are free…

They are You and they are Me….


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