You challenge, I challenge…. We challenge

You challenge, I challenge.... We challenge

You challenge, I challenge.... We challenge

Sanjay Bhatnagar

Lucknow: Giving challenge on social media is flavour of the season. Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore started it and many followed the suit without involving their grey cells, at times. Fitness challenge is worth giving and worth accepting but not while clad in designer suit pant and shining black pair of shoes.

Rajyavardhan ji, you started it and it is your cardinal duty to take it to a logical end. How?? Let me tell you that this trend has reached many states including Uttar Pradesh where ministers, by and large known for their bizarre style of functioning devoid of administrative acumen, have also joined the milieu.

Anyway, I attempt to invoke goodself of Rajyavardhan Rathore. Mr Minister! did you try to find out how many open gyms are there in the country. Ok , I limit it to few state capitals like Bhopal, Lucknow and Jaipur (all in BJP-ruled states) and ask you if these cities have any open gym in any park. Yes, Mumbai and Delhi have a few but what about other cities. Then, how many cities have proper walking strips? Please ensure these and come again with even more intensified and serious challenge.

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Moreover, the presence of social media may have given this fad (fitness challenge) a viral proposition but what about challenging ministerial colleagues about issues directly related to people. What if Railway Minister Piyush Goyal is challenged on punctuality of trains, Uma Bharti on Namami Gange, Finance Minister on inflation, Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on sanctity of RTO offices, Health and Food Ministers on contamination of edible items, even Prime Minister on corruption in his dream scheme of housing in rural and urban areas. Let me simplify it and not landing you in precarious situation. I take the liberty to pose all these challenges, on behalf of the people of India.

Let us not get swayed away by the popular trend because ultimately it is the people of the country who make such things popular. Let us challenge each other that we will not litter in public places, follow the traffic rules, will not give or accept bribe etc… etc ..

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Let us not allow anybody to divert our attention from the basic issues faced by developing countries like India to the populist internet-driven trends. Fitness awareness is bliss but along with many other issues, no less than this.