Chinese support to Pakistan has dropped sales of country’s goods


New Delhi: Chinese  support to Pakistan on some of the  issues concerning the country  and boycott calls  given by some of the  patriotic organisations, have brought down sales of  Chinese goods on the eve of Diwali, the festival of  lights.

According to one estimate , sales of these goods are likely to fall by as much as  30 per cent this diwali. In terms of  money,  the  loss  may be  to the tune  of   Rs  300 crores. Other estimates put the losses at much higher levels.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s   make in India  call and  call to encourage  goods manufactured in  the country  have also made an  impact. The social media have  also made  considerable contribution.  A number of  social media posts have carried  appeals to buy Indian stuff , particularly earthen wares  this diwali.

In addition to Indian markets, a fall in business has been registered in the border areas of Bangadesh which were supplying Chinese goods  to markets in West Bengal, Bihar and some other close areas .

Himanshu , one of the business men in Lucknow, who was largely selling Chinese goods confirmed that there was a considerable decline in sales of  these goods in the wake of Uri attack  which killed several  Indian jawans.

         During Diwali Chinese decorative lights and crackers were highly in demand. Off season demands were for toys and electronic goods, he said.  To his estimate ,sales have dropped by  80 per cent in some markets.

India is one of the major buyers of Chinese goods. This kind of  market situation is unlikely to please the Chinese leadership.

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