Is Congress VP Rahul Gandhi on a wild goose chase?

Is Congress VP Rahul Gandhi on a wild goose chase?
New Delhi:  The  charge of corruption levelled by young  Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, against Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  has come in for criticism by several newspaper editors and television anchors . The basic question each one of them asking is : should a national party leader publicly  level a  charge against a Prime Minister which has been found ” baseless” by the highest court of the country? Going by their reaction the answer is a big NO.
        What is worse, the Gandhi scion  had claimed  before the accusation that there would be an ” earthquake” if he is allowed to speak in parliament on the issue. He could not speak in the Lok Sabha due unusual  daily noise created on some other issues which led to virtual wash-out of the winter session, but when he spoke about it outside there was not even a whimper. The general public reaction was unsupportive.
         Most of the newspapers did not take it kindly too. Under the heading,’ Stop muck raking’, editorial of a national English daily said : ” Congress vice- president  Rahul Gandhi cut a sorry figure  when he chose to fling personal and flimsy allegations of corruption at Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. Some others were not so mild.


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