Personal Laws are too personal to interfere with: Azam

Rampur (Uttar Pradesh): It seems, the senior Samajwadi Party leader Mohd Azam Khan has a knack for courting controversies. Now he says nobody has a right to interfere in personal laws of any religion.
He vented these views when asked about the court hearing on the case related to women’s rights in the matter of divorce. ‘ ‘ Any religion is specific about its rituals and no other religion or person has a right to thrust upon its views,’ ‘ he added.
Azam’s views on the Centre:
  • There is RSS government at the Centre.
  • RSS has no faith in the constitution or historical propriety in any way.
  • His reaction was to a query what NCP leader Sharad Pawar alleged yesterday that the history books contents were being changed at the behest of the Central government
 Azam on hate speeches by BJP leaders in Muzaffarnagar:
  • It was Muzaffarnagar riot which brought Bharatiya Janata Party in the power at the Centre.
  • BJP will continue to do so.
  • BJP will not succeed on communal plank any more.