PM Narendra Modi praised by many including a Baloch leader

PM Modi to pay homage to Sri Guru Gobind Singh in Patna
PM Modi to pay homage to Sri Guru Gobind Singh in Patna

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  manoeuvring, which led to  a joint declaration against terrorists being funded and  harboured by the neighbour (read Pakistan), at Goa on Sunday, has been praised by  not one but many who have  been  nursing a  grudge  against that country for one reason or the other.

It has been also well received by leaders and people of Balochistan which has been one of the victims of Pakistan’s act of oppression and suppression.

Strongly supporting  his point of view, a prominent  Baloch separatist leader, Neela Quadri Baloch , told media persons  shortly after the  declaration,  “it is a fact that  Pakistan is mother ship of  terrorists. It is nursing and funding them  to be used in different parts of the world”.

The country is also diverting funds received from foreign countries including America for development to train terrorists and providing shelter to them. Modi has  done a right thing by exposing Pakistan’s double standards.

“The countries financing it  should take care and ask Pakistan to provide full details of the expenditure including the schemes and areas where the money has been spent. This will  prevent misuse of funds available to it from foreign capitals,” she suggested.

To her assessment “Pak and Taliban” are two sides of the same coin. She, therefore, urged all  those ,who want peace and believe in friendship and love, to unite in fight against the country.

Baloch,  a  bitter of Pakistan, has  charged  it with violating human rights and freedom in Balochistan and some other parts.


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