Akhilesh writes personal letters to voters, a la Nitish Kumar

Akhilesh writes personal letters to voters, a la Nitish Kumar
Akhilesh writes personal letters to voters, a la Nitish Kumar

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, has used  a new ploy to woo the voters in the state. He has written a personal letter to all of them highlighting the measures taken by him for the socio-eonomic development of the state and seeking their support. The letter is being delivered to people who have not cast their votes so far.

The idea was conceived recently after the completion of four of seven phases. Credit for the same is being given to Prashant KIshor, Congress strategist, who had given a similar advice to Bihar chief miniser Nitish Kumar two years ago when he was working for him, before switching over to U P.

Nitish , however, had  used   this vote-seeking- mode in the early part of the election. Akhilesh has, perhaps, gone for it even at this late stage because of belief that It’s better late than never.

A large number of volunteers have been drafted for the job. Seventy to 100 volunteers have been deployed for each of the remaining constituencies. The volunteers have been given special T Shirts which have Samajwadi Party and Congress symbols printed in the middle. They also carry the alliance slogan, U P  Ko Ye Saath Pasand Hai.

Another slogan carried by these shirts is: Phir se Akhilesh, exhorting the voters to  help him win again. The packet containing  the letter has a pocket calendar in addition to pictures of Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh.

Besides reminding the voters about his government’s achievements, the letter  has listed  the ten-point common minimum programme headlined as Pragati Ke Das Kadam.

The new experiment may attract the youth who will vote in the remaining phases– fifth, sixth and seventh. The polling for the fourth phase will be held on next Monday and sixth and seventh on March 4 and 8, respectively.


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