Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Dynasty politics’ statement gets a hit back from BJP

RaGa's 'Dynasty politics' statement gets a hit back from BJP
RaGa's 'Dynasty politics' statement gets a hit back from BJP

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the Berkeley had attracted some scathing attacks from the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders on Tuesday.

Reacting to Congress Vice President’s statement on political dynasty in India, Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani has attacked him of being a failed politician who decided to speak on the failed political strategies of his party.

“A failed dynast today chose to speak about his failed political journeys in USA,” she said while adding that he is a ‘belittling’ Prime Minister of the country.

Irani labelled Gandhi’s statements on Indian political dynasty as ‘unexpected’ and said that even Prime Minister Modi had no political mileage.

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Here is what Smriti Irani said:

India’s PM raised from a humble background and so as the President the Vice President.

The country had shown what a common man is capable of by giving a historic mandate in favour of PM Modi.

Congress largely because of their dynastic politics was reduced to new low.

The three major leaders of the country have proved the merit of democracy and this shows that India is not dynastic in nature.

To say that Congress became arrogant under Indira Gandhi and hence lost election is a big political confession in itself. It reflects their failed strategic plan.

People did not vote for Congress. They did not vote for political dynasty. He forgot the voters are Indians not international audience.