Rajasthan: PM Modi mocks on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘slip of tongue’

Congress has been asking what Modi’s jaati (caste) is. It was Congress that has been poisoning this country on topics such as jaati since independence…..

Congress is poisoning country on topics as 'jaati': PM Modi

Congress is poisoning country on topics as 'jaati': PM Modi

Sumerpur (Rajasthan): As today is the last day of campaigning for the upcoming Assembly elections 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to conduct rallies in Rajasthan.

Pm Modi has addressed his first rally in Sumerpur Town in Pali district and later in the day, he is scheduled to conduct another public rally in Dausa district.

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Election campaign is set to end today evening. Rajasthan will head for polling on December 7.


–  Congress’ President doesn’t even know the names of his own party leaders. He didn’t even know the name of a popular Jat leader from Congress, late Kumbha Ram ji. He called him ‘Kumbhakaran’. You can imagine what such people will do if they come to power.

– Last time in 2013, the campaign ended here in Pali and this time too we are here in the district to end the campaigning for the polls. We can feel the breeze of Pali immediately in Gujarat.

– I am confident that the people of Rajasthan have decided to elect the BJP. Wherever I travelled and met people, I have seen that they have decided to elect a BJP government once again.

– People of Rajasthan have decided. Now, our work is to win every polling booth. I don’t want to win just Rajasthan, I want to win every polling booth.

– Critics, who had ‘predicted’ a win for the Congress have now started making excuses for Congress impending loss.

– They have already started making excuses, they are trying to find any possible logic so the responsibility of defeat does not lie on naamdar’s shoulders.

– Congress has been asking what Modi’s jaati (caste) is. It was Congress that has been poisoning this country on topics such as ‘jaati’ since independence.

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– I was not born with a silver spoon. I have seen poverty. After coming to power, I believe that there is no reason for India to be poor after so many years. Only one family is the reason for poverty. They were only interested in power.

– Rahul Gandhi says that PM Modi has stopped talking about corruption. But we have taken enough and more steps to tackle corruption.

– How can Congress, which created so many divisions in the society in the last 70 years, work in the interest of the people? First, give an account of these 70 years, then ask us about 4.5 years.

– No one thought that a chaiwala would bring down a party that ruled for four generations. I have taken them to court and they have had to seek bail on cases related to corruption.

– We won in the Supreme Court yesterday. The court said that the Indian government has the right to reassess their (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s) income tax returns.

– Modi did not bring him back… Modi did not tackle Congress’ corruption… All this is the power of your vote… Your vote helped a chaiwala bring these corrupt to justice.

– Naamdaar’s relatives have taken away lands from farmers for free… They were colluding with Ashok Gehlot.