District police coordination committees: tools for political ‘sifaarish’ only

District police coordination committees: tools for political 'sifaarish' only
District police coordination committees: tools for political 'sifaarish' only

Lucknow: The latest order of Yogi government about setting up police coordination committees with public representatives in the districts is more likely to adversely impact the impartial functioning of state police which is already under fire for its below-par performance in the recent past.

The committees headed by district police chiefs has taken place in few districts so far but ended with the local MLAs being more interested in getting their favourites posted in particular police stations rather than suggesting way and means to improve the law and order.

A SP on the condition of anonymity told www.newstrack.com that a single meeting which took place in his district culminated on a sour note because every public representative only showed interest in the posting of his or her ‘men’.

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He said it would give rise to same anarchical situation which prevailed during the Akhilesh regime where the Samajwadi Party leaders and workers had their open say in the police administration and the result was for everyone to see. ”Same is going to happen if the political functionaries are given such freedom that they may dictate their terms in the day to day affairs,” he added.

Logically, the idea of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is not that wrong but only thing is that he needs to pull the strings where the local political representatives try to meddle with the local officers over transfers and postings.



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