Royal Fans Need to Follow This Shady Prince George Instagram Account


Prince George might seem innocent (despite his memorable meltdowns) but, according to Instagram, he’s actually quite the pill.
For fans looking for even more drama than the royal family has dished up lately, Gary Janetti’s Instagram is full of imagined shade thrown by the one and only Prince George. While most of it is aimed at his future aunt, Meghan Markle, there’s plenty to go around—especially toward Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth. Janetti juxtaposes the most salacious royal wedding headlines with Prince George’s pretend commentary.
In spite of the fact that Janetti was the Executive Producer of Will and Grace, the record is solidly established in regal related substance. Utilizing Prince George’s presently signature cheeky voice, Janetti consumes everything from Prince George’s scorn of Markle’s untidy bun to her Hallmark Channel history.


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