Women speak up with #LahuKaLagaan | Mr. FM please pay attention!

Women speak up with #LahuKaLagaan | Finance Minister please pay attention!
Women speak up with #LahuKaLagaan | Finance Minister please pay attention!

Lucknow: You could be a regular twitter visitor or would just be doing a sneak peak in the latest trends but, we bet you wouldn’t have missed this recent one termed as #LahuKaLagaan.

While speaking about vaginas’ bleeding is still a taboo in Indian society, the #LahuKaLagaan was an instant hit and spread like wildfire with several well-known personalities taking to social media to speak up on the issue.

Why is it that beedis, kumkum, bindi, alta and sindur are tax-free, but sanitary napkins and tampons, which are essential to women, aren’t? This is the question that the Indian women still have to ask to the Finance Minister… Irony, isn’t it..?

#LahuKaLagaan is an online campaign initiated by an NGO ‘She Says’ which raised the issue and urged Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Twitter to abolish tax on women’s sanitary products.

The idea behind the campaign is to get women’s sanitary products exempted from the GST and is in line with a recent letter that Maneka Gandhi had written to the Finance Minister, citing a change.org petition with similar sentiments.

Interestingly, not only the NGOs working for women and the women themselves are regular posting for the campaign, but, the celebrity world too has joined hands in large numbers to support the cause.

In slides ahead: Check what these celebrities have to say….

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