Transfer request on twitter annoys Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj reveals actual fee paid to lawyer fighting for Jadhav in ICJ
Sushma Swaraj reveals actual fee paid to lawyer fighting for Jadhav in ICJ

New Delhi: A transfer request made by a husband for his wife has annoyed the External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj so much that she even said, she could have sent a suspension letter had any one of them been working under her.

Reason??? The request was made on social media.

The case:

  • A twitter user asked the External Affairs minister for her help with his wife’s transfer by writing to Swaraj on micro blogging site Twitter on Monday. The man’s wife is an employee of Indian Railways posted in Jhansi and he himself works in an IT firm of Pune.

  • Swaraj though sent the tweet to Railways minister Suresh Prabhu but replied to the man saying that if he or his wife were her employees, they would have been suspended for making the request on social media.

What Suresh Prabhu said:

  • The Railway minister had promptly responded to the forwarded request by saying he didn’t handle transfers, but that he’d asked the Chairman of the Railway Board to ‘take suitable action as per rules’.

The Banwas:

  • The tweet that came from the man contained a word Banwas. Here is the story behind this.
  • The word ‘banwas’ or ‘banishment’ had a reference from another tweet that Swaraj had received from an Indian forced to live in United States without his wife because she couldn’t get her passport cleared.
  • To that tweet, Swaraj had replied that the ‘banwas’ should end and had helped the couple.

The External Affairs minister, however, helped the man who tweeted her this time too but since the request she received was not made through the appropriate channel, her response was not quite the same, sources from the ministry stated.