Small names  make big gains in the European Cup soccer

New Delhi: Some small teams are  making a big mark in the European football Cup matches being played this year. Two names are being mentioned in this connection. One of them ,Iceland team, created a history of sorts  by drawing with much- fancied  Portugal in the match played on Wednesday night.

The result (!-!) irked the Portugal captain, Christiano  Ronanldo , so much  that he  took to Twitter  to damn its style of playing. “It was unbelievable. When the don’t try to play and just defend , defend, defend, this is my opinion shows a small mentality.

Whatever this football great may say, people of Iceland , a small country of about 3.3 lakh  citizens rejoiced it.

According to reports reaching here, nearly eight per cent of  people  of that country had come to watch this match and their ” football heroes” did not disappoint them.  The Iceland goalkeeper was  especially delighted because he had foiled all Ronaldo’s   attempts at the goal.

Another noteworthy feature of the Wednesday match was the performance of the Switzerland  team. The country  entered the group of 16 for the first time in the history of Euro Cup . It  achieved this feat by scoring a goal against Romania.  Romania also scored but  it was only through a penalty—a controversial one at that.

The  penalty was awarded   for a small offence—a Swiss  team  mate  pulling the jersey of  a  Romanian player  in the D-area. No other goal was scored and the match ended in a draw.