Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, "BJP is in full support of Uddhav Thackeray Ji's demand of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. We have tried to acquire 67 acres land for temple trust."

In Jharkhand, Modi will visit Hazaribagh and Ranchi where he will unveil multiple Projects pertaining to health, education, water supply and sanitation. These projects are expected to benefit the tribal population of Jharkhand. He will inaugurate three medical college buildings at Hazaribagh, Dumka and Palamu.

He said, "I am not supporting anyone. No party should use my picture or outfit's logo. My party has no support in the upcoming parliamentary election to any parties. So no one should use my photo or flags in the name of Rajini Makkal Mandram and Rajini Fan Club should not be used to support or campaign for any party."

The Union Minister, underwent a surgery in the US, on January 22, for a reported soft tissue cancer in his left leg. He returned to India on February 9 after undergoing skin grafting.

Congress popularity in this area is such as many remote villages in this region recognize only the Congress' hand symbol and remember only former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Earlier, a report in one of the leading newspapers 'The Hindu' titled 'Rafale deal not on better terms than UPA-era offer' created much political whirl.

"The prime minister will serve food to about 20 schoolchildren from underprivileged background in the campus, marking the three billionth meal offered by Akshaya Patra," head of strategic communications in ISKCON, said.

Bharatiya Janata party senior leader Subramaniam Swami, on Sunday, giving reference to Mahatam Gandhi's freedom struggle said as it took extra 17 years to him to get India freedom, similarly and surely it might take some more time to build Ram temple in Ayodhya but his party will definitely built Ram temple there.