Uttar Pradesh

Bahujan Samaj Party chief, Mayawati is known for her luxurious way of living, spending huge amounts on her birthday celebrations, including big cakes, garlands of currency notes and lavish birthday celebrations. Dimple , however, likes to keep it simple. Her birthday celebrations are sober and are only confined to her family.

Lucknow: Sleeping disorder is a chronic ailment that has been posing threats to mental health. According to the experts, every fifth person in Uttar Pradesh is suffering from insomnia and around 20.3 per cent people in the state consume sleeping pills to have a peaceful and sound sleep. Experts say that sleeping pills may prove …

The young politician also said that he and his party are not against PM Modi, they are just against the religious bigotry of the BJP and RSS.

The  CBI has taken up the case on Allahabad High Court's instructions, where 12 locations are being raided over illegal sand mining case in Delhi and UP.