WhatsApp likely to go Skype way

Yippee: WhatsApp announces new features for iPhone users
Yippee: WhatsApp announces new features for iPhone users

Bengaluru: WhatsApp is likely to follow video and voice chat application Skype soon by adding ‘revoke and edit sent messages’ facility to the application, said the media reports on Friday.

The reports surfaced after a Twitter account leaked a video which showed how the users can revoke messages on the instant-messaging application.

The leak showed, WhatsApp beta for iOS possesses the ability to revoke the sent messages. It has been reported that after the new update will be launched, the users will be able to revoke and edit the messages they have sent, even after they have been read. This service will be accessible in group chats as well.

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The leak, however, didn’t confirm if the facility will be introduced in near future or not, as WhatsApp takes some time before launching their next updates.

It was reported in the past that the instant messaging application has already floated the edit message feature for the users but as it is yet under development, it has been kept disabled.

It is to tell you that Skype already holds this feature of editing and revoking sent messages.