Amethi seat in UP holds special significance for many wrong reasons

Amethi seat in UP holds special significance for many wrong reasons
Amethi seat in UP holds special significance for many wrong reasons
Lucknow: The election in  Amethi constituency in Uttar Pradesh holds a special significance not only because it is a Nehru-Gandhi bastion but also some other reasons. It is the only constituency from where a candidate facing  double whammy is seeking  re-election..
  The candidate, Gayatri Prasad Prajapati,  has become so famous , for all  the wrong reasons, that he was especially mentioned by  even  Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who generally avoides directly naming a person in public speeches, more so, if he or she is a small fry.
              Prajapati who is facing corruption and rape charges have been dropped more than once by chief minister, Akbhilesh Yadav, who is not on the same page. He was re-inducted into the ministry because of his closeness to his father, Mulayam Singh Yadav.
          The Central Bureau of Investigation is looking into the charge of rampant corruption in the mining department of which he was the head as a cabinet  minister. The agency got into the act despite opposition by the state government, The matter which was first raised in the high court went up to the Supreme Court which too found it a fit case for investigation by the agency.
            Akhilesh was on the horn’s of a dilemma when he was approached to address an election meeting in his favour.  He, perhaps, agreed because he did not want to hurt his father any more.
        The constituency  which will go to polls next week will be also remembered because it is the only seat from where two former queens . Garima Singh and Amita Singh, are seeking election. The former has lost the legal battle but has put up a strong challenge in the electoral battle.
         It is the sympathy factor which is favouring this new comer to politics in the constituency. Although she was approached in the past too for contesting election but she had refused as she  did not want to come out of her ” palace” and lift her veil in public.
 She had faced the maximum pressure in 2014 when the Lok Sabha election was held last. Two years down the line there was a re-thinking. She agreed  because she wanted to defeat the other “rani”, Amita Singh,  in her own backyard.
           Amita had won the seat twice in the year 2002 and 2007 and lost marginally in the last assembly poll.. The Samajwadi Party wrested the seat from the Congress in the previous election but with a small margin of 8760 votes.
              The SP candidates who was victorious in 2012 assembly election, Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, is in the race again but in a changed situation.His party has reached an alliance with its old rival,the  Congress unlike the last election. He is facing the same rival again in addition to former queens.
       This  so-called friendly fight, however, may be beneficial to Garima who is contesting on a BJP ticket.