Every fifth person a victim of sleeping disorder in Uttar Pradesh: Experts

Every fifth person a victim of sleeping disorder in Uttar Pradesh: Experts

Every fifth person a victim of sleeping disorder in Uttar Pradesh: Experts

Lucknow: Sleeping disorder is a chronic ailment that has been posing threats to mental health. According to the experts, every fifth person in Uttar Pradesh is suffering from insomnia and around 20.3 per cent people in the state consume sleeping pills to have a peaceful and sound sleep.

Experts say that sleeping pills may prove beneficial in insomnia, but its regular intake increases the chance of cardiac diseases and even heart attacks.

Scientists suggest that Zolpidem, used in sleeping pills, is hazardous for health. It becomes the cause of cardiac ailments and its excessive consumption may sometimes lead to hallucinations as well.

As per doctors, adopting changes in lifestyle and food habits may lower the chances of sleeping disorders.

According to Prof. Sanjeev Jha, neurologist SGPGI, there are many reasons responsible for insomnia and other sleeping disorders. These include stress, unbalanced diet, hectic schedule and overindulgence in social media.

Experts also suggest that those taking more than one sleeping pill a day, may end up in coma.

Asthma patients and people suffering with backbone issues are more prone to this problem. These pills aggravate the chances of headache, high blood pressure and nervous disorders. Sleeping pills also pose the threat of alzheimer and adversely affect the nervous system, they also lead to clotting in blood vessels.

High dosage of the pills result in loss of appetite. Regular consumption of sleeping pills mark fatigue and drowsiness.

People suffering from obesity should totally refrain from consuming sleeping pills as they tend to worsen the condition and prove quite detrimental.

How to take a ‘sound’ sleep?

Say no to alcohol.
Avoid caffeinated drinks 2 hours before sleeping; don’t drink tea and coffee before going to bed as caffeine adversely affects sleeping process.
Don’t take hot coffee as it contains thiobromine which causes anxiety and increases heart rate.
Refrain from consuming food items that contain saturated fatty acids as they slower down the system and obstruct sleep.