Why Lucknow is not a place for poor homeless: pictures tell the story 


It is seen to be believed that poor people are condemned to spend nights in the open, in the parks, on the footpaths and streets. This, of course,  is election time for you when the government and the officials have no time for the poor.

When District magistrate of Lucknow Satyendra Singh was contacted by www.newstrack.com, he said there were 23 night shelters but was unable to specify their locations. Quick to pass on the buck to Nagar Nigam, he was clueless as how and why the shelters were removed leaving homeless in the lurch.

What else DM said?

  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult as shelters are placed far away from people.
  • Government has directed Nagar Nigam to place more shelters.
  • If any social community wants to place shelters, they have to take permission from government.
  • In order to avoid accidents, shelters should be placed away from the roads.
  • The inadequacies in this regard are being addressed.
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