Want to live a healthy life? Go LEATHER-FREE

Lucknow: In a shocking revelation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) has established that wearing and using leather products may lead to deadly ailments such as cancer, respiratory dysfunction and other infectious diseases.

Speaking to the reporters here on Friday, PETA coordinator Ayushi Sharma said, “PETA had conducted a survey which revealed that people are using animal derived products at large scale which is leading them to deadly diseases.”

“People are unaware of the consequences of using products made of animal body parts. Apart from this, the use of these products is leading to the brutal killings of thousands of animals on a daily basis,” she added.

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The PETA representative was here in Hazratganj region where she wore coat made with body parts of dolls as a mark of protest against atrocities on animals.

She says, “Animals are just like our kids who should be protected and loved at the same time.”

Check in slides some pictures of the event organised by Peta: