Newstrack Exit Poll: Uttar Pradesh likely to go ‘Kesariya’ this Holi

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Newstrack Exit Poll: Uttar Pradesh likely to go 'Kesariya' this Holi

By: Yogesh Mishra and Anurag Shukla

Lucknow: The party is over, now it is the reckoning time. After a gruelling electioneering, the results of Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls are due on March 11 . The and Apna Bharat election survey has  predicted that the BJP will be in the driving seat .

The survey report prepared after over 10,000 samples collected with the assistance of survey agency Ground Zero spread over 403 assembly constituencies of the biggest state of the country, shows the Bharatiya Janata Party emerging as the single largest party in the 17th assembly. The survey clearly indicates that not only BJP is poised to remain in the lead but it might reach the magic figure of 202, required to form the government in Uttar Pradesh after a gap of about two decades.

The BJP which had polled a phenomenal 42 per cent of votes in these constituencies in 2014 Lok sabha polls, may fall short of this vote percentage but it may get 33-34 per cent of votes, still enough to gain majority in 2017 UP polls.

The much-hyped alliance between the ruling Samajwadi Party and the Congress is likely to lose the steam it had gained before the polls and according to survey, may get second spot followed by Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party as a  poor third.

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