FM Rajesh Agarwal ensures the functionality of various departments

After Yogi FM Rajesh Agarwal ensures the functionality of various departments

Lucknow: In a run up to the budget preparation, Uttar Prdaesh Finance Minister Rajesh Agarwal will hold the department wise presentation from April 25. The Finance Minister has come up with the new set of measures to ensure the credibility of the administrators representing various departments.

Apparently, before presenting the budget of the state for year 2017 he wants to check the financial conditions of the various government departments of the state and thus, the Minister has asked the administrators of these departments to give a proper presentation regarding their payments and receipts.

What would the presentations contain:

  • In this presentation the department authorities will be asked to give accountability of the budget allocated to their department, the percentage of which it is expended along with the specific time duration.
  • A note on what expectations do the administrators have from upcoming budget allocation.
  • How they will ratify it for the development of their sector, what will be the major operating expense they will invest in and during which time of the year.

This presentation will be conducted from 25th April.

The former government has taken the earlier budget on account till August 31st which has given some testing time to Yogi Government before coming up with its own budget in 2017.


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