Do Not Try! After #KikiChallenge, ‘Dragon’s breath’ is the dangerous trend going viral

Do Not Try! After #KikiChallenge, 'Dragon's breath' is the dangerous trend going viral

Do Not Try! After #KikiChallenge, 'Dragon's breath' is the dangerous trend going viral

New York: Even the police, globally, are still warning against the deadly #KiKiChallenge, another dangerous challenge namely ‘Dragon’s breath’ is taking rounds on internet.

The trend involves eating candies dipped in a liquid nitrogen which creates serious health issues.  Youngsters are fascinated with this challenge as it releases smoke from nose and mouth like a dragon.

Many videos performing the Dragon’s breath are shared widely on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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Health departments have issued the warning against the trend as it could melt mouth, esophagus and stomach.

The Suffolk County health department, however, warned in a statement, “Ingestion of liquid nitrogen can cause severe damage to the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

“Dragon’s Breath is a food novelty made by freezing cereal puffs in liquid nitrogen. The frozen cereal is then served in a cup and eaten using a skewer or similar utensil. Liquid nitrogen can cause damage to a person’s skin and internal organs and, if inhaled, it can cause asphyxiation (lack of oxygen).”

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It is to be mentioned that, a young boy from Florida has been admitted in the hospital after he ate the candies dipped in the liquid nitrogen. Her mother took to Facebook and uploaded a post warning about the consequences of Dragon’s Breath.