Want a shredded Body? What have you been doing wrong all this while?

Want a shredded Body? What have you been doing wrong all this while?

Want a shredded Body? What have you been doing wrong all this while?

Lucknow: Majorly people taking up gym memberships want to reduce their weight and dream of shredded, poster image kind of body.

In the quest of getting flawless body people often exhaust their energy by taking up all the cardio, aerobic and strength-exercise sessions and with cutting down on their daily caloric intake. This results in people experiencing low energy level and less active throughout day.

The fact people miss out on is that starving oneself to death or sweating like a pig in gym isn’t going to help you to achieve your goals. One should understand the way our body works before taking up any lifestyle.

Here are some tips which might help you achieve what you have been longing for through intense exercise sessions:

1. Eat right

Your body does need fuel to run itself and it gets it from fat stored in your body. If you start to skip your meal, your body tries hard to hold on to stored fat and consumes protein instead.

Starving yourself or skipping meals can trick your brain thinking it’s an emergency situation where it may need fat for future usage. By this you will only lose protein which is the building block of your muscles. Eat green and leafy vegetables and take protein rich diet.

2. Cut down on sugary treats

Sweets are not only bad for your oral health but can lead to obesity too. Love for sweets can make up a large portion of your daily calorie intake. It not only makes you obese but also contributes in many health problems like diabetes, cancer, insulin resistance and triggers aging process.

3. Cardio or Weight-training

It’s an age old topic of debate whether cardio is ideal exercise for weight loss or weight training. Studies have shown different people have different bodies and one’s lifestyle can’t work for all.

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Where cardio is good for your heart and boosts your stamina while losing fat, weight training provides you muscles strength and replaces fat by muscles. Doing only cardiovascular exercises or just incorporating weight training programmes may not give you desired results.

4. Be active everyday

It’s a myth that only gym can give you that sizzling body. Try to incorporate swimming, walking, jogging or dancing in your daily routine. Be active and follow calorie deficit-diet (where you burn more calories than you consume).

You don’t have to do the maths to calculate your calorie intake as our body already needs 2000 calories for various bodily functions like breathing, pumping blood, liver and kidneys. One hour gym can help us burn 300-500 calories more which suggests that being active throughout the day is more important to stay healthy.

5. Sound sleep

An eight-hour sleep is must for your body to repair. When you workout, your body undergoes wear and tear of your muscles which is compensated by a good sleep. When we sleep, our body repair all the cells, releases some hormones and optimises our overall health.

Never forget that there is no shortcuts and it takes time to get fit, strong and healthy. Be patient with your workout results and your hard work will surely pay off, not soon but for sure.