Trump went on criticising Jim saying, "CNN should be ashamed of you. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn't be working for CNN."

The parliament would stand dissolved from Saturday 12 a.m. and nominations for the parliamentary elections would be called from Nov. 19 to Nov. 26.

One of the fires has affected the coastal town of Malibu, home to many Hollywood celebrities, as well as the city of Thousand Oaks, where a former US Marine killed 12 people at a bar on Wednesday night before taking his own life.

Melbourne: Several people were injured in Melbourne on Friday after multiple stabbing ‘incident’. According to Victoria police, the incident took place at Bourke Street. The police initially responded to a report of a car on fire near the corner of Swanston Street about 1620 hours. ALSO READ:¬†This is how the festival of Diwali unifies hearts …

The stamps are in the $1.15 denomination, which is the basic rate for international air mail letters.

A US reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted earlier on Monday by a Russian fighter jet while flying in international airspace over the Black Sea.

The US sanctions have already damaged Iran's currency, the rial, as oil is Iran's main source of income. The Iranian currency has declined more than two third of its value since May.

Running a business single-handedly is not so tough but being a mother of two kids, or with some other major problems is very difficult.