SHOCKING: The stunt one should never attempt | Watch

SHOCKING: Boy performs deadly stunt on rail track | Watch
SHOCKING: Boy performs deadly stunt on rail track | Watch

Lucknow: A video surfaced over the internet, recently, showed a young boy performing a very dangerous stunt by lying down on rail track when the train passes over him at a very fast speed.

H somehow managed to stay alive till the video ended. It could not be ascertained where the video was shot, but it is clear that another boy was shooting the whole scene. The associate can be heard directing the self-proclaimed stuntman to lie down and bucking him up in the video.

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It is, however, a very stupid thinking of some young boys in India, who just to become an overnight sensation over the internet, risk their lives in the name of ‘stunts’, overlooking the worries of their parents.

Some boys see the stunts on television, which are executed under the surveillance of highly professional trainers, and try to imitate them risking their lives for no reason.

In many cases, we hear that the boys died or became handicapped for life trying to perform stupid stunts which were completely needless.

In place of wasting time and energy in such stunts, the youths should consider utilising their lives for the welfare and development of the country. appeals all the boys and girls not to commit such mistakes which can not only destroy them but their families too.

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