PICTURES: Soft perspective of a hardliner Chief Minister

PICTURES: Soft perspective of a hardliner Chief Minister
PICTURES: Soft perspective of a hardliner Chief Minister

Gorakhpur:  A lot of tongue lashing has been taking place about Yogi Adityanath, the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, dubbing him as a stern ‘Hindutva’ hardliner. On the contrary, many people are oblivious of the soft aspect of his personality that he is an ardent animal lover.

Number of  ‘homeless’  animals find refuge in his sprawling over 50-acres Gorakhnath temple premises headed by him as ‘Mahant’ of Gorakshpeeth. He feeds the cows every morning is already a known fact but very few know that Yogi has love and affection of other animals as well.

His love for cow and cattle leave those around him in astonishment. He is believed to possess an image of a daily cow feeder and giving food to them during his day to day chores. Animals like dogs, monkeys tend to respond his love with almost equal intensity as they come running towards him whenever they spot him.

Danda Baba, one of saints of Goraknath temple, also testified this and said ”Yogi Adityanath is very fond of animals.” Adding h recalls how Yogi was working at his workshop when a monkey came and snuggled himself in his lap.The newly appointed UP CM also has a cat that eats along with him.

It is also a known fact that after demise of his one of the pets dog named Shera he did not eat anything for a day and soon after he had another dog named Raja which is now among his favourites and with whom he plays in his leisure time.  Yogi feeding a tiger cub in his lap has already been doing rounds on social media which shows his ‘animal lover’ image.

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